Lua game tutorial

Lua game tutorial

The personal preferences of the author's coding style really don't have any bearing on the focus of the article, so this wouldn't be feedback worth mentioning - at least not here. I disagree. This is a tutorial meant for beginners and suggesting bad coding practices in the examples can be harmful. Ok, that is what you should have said originally, as it gives a reason to the reader who as you said could be a beginner and not familiar with debates about coding styles like the use of Hungarian Notation.

Your original comment comes across simply as a personal attack on the author's coding style. Minor update: Noted that Lua 5. Also noted that Lua 5. Other note: If the worst thing that someone can say about my code is that I use Hungarian notation, I will take that as a compliment.

I guess it would be nice to throw-in a link to the documentation about the state machine. I haven't used Lua myself, but I guess a less experienced developer wouldn't understand why you need to push arguments to the stack in order to call a function, show an error message, or return from a function. And yes, proper error handling in tutorials is a nice thing : You always wish you put in more when you have to debug a problem with a client's installation :.

So there is very little reasons to try add object support to Lua. If you really need it, than first, you should try to think, If your srcipt desing is really correct. You might think Hungarian notation is bad, and I might even agree with you to a point that it's not ideal However, many people still use it and even beginners need to know how to read it and be familiar with it. I've had a few bosses who have required that I use it, sometimes simply because it's an old code base and therefore they want the coding style to match which is a reason I agree with.

Is there a reason you opted to roll your own rather than using tools such as swig or luabind? And did you have a reason for not mentioning them? That being said, having tried several Lua binding libraries and swig, this article has inspired me to try a manual approach in order to better understand what's really going on.

While I'm a bit late to the party, I might add that if you do use Lua, be sure to setup a test framework. It will be a very nasty language in case you can't detect trivial spelling errors via running unit tests. Log In. Sign Up. Remember me.Views Category Discussion View source History. Starts with explaining what variables are and ends with how to make a platformer.

Simple Game Tutorial The game was released on Steam. CS50's Introduction to Game Development 0. Starts with the basics and ends with how to make Pong. Game Development For Complete Beginners 0. Text Noooway Make an Arkanoid-type Game from scratch.

Love Tile Tutorial 0. Pages in category "Tutorials" The following 65 pages are in this category, out of 65 total.

Personal tools Log in. Navigation Home Forums Issue tracker. Comprehensive tutorial teaching various concepts that a beginner needs. Simple Game Tutorial. A list of short tutorials that explain how to make all kinds of games like Snake, Tetris and Flappy Bird. Teaches you how to code a specific game from start to end, explaining everything along the way.

CS50's Introduction to Game Development. Game Development For Complete Beginners. Love Tile Tutorial. Teaches how to make a tile-based level with a moving character, collisions and scrolling, starting from scratch. E cont.To make a minimal game, create a folder anywhere, and open up your favorite text editor.

Lua Tutorial

Sublime Text is a pretty good one for all operating systems, and it has Lua support built in. Create a new file in the folder you just created, and name it main. Put the following code in the file, and save it. For creating. Otherwise, the easiest way to run the game is to drag the folder onto either love. Remember to drag the folder containing main. You can create a shortcut to do this; simply make a shortcut to love.

On Windows, there is a special command-line option which will attach a console to the window, allowing you to see the result of print calls equivalent to setting t. On Mac OS X, a folder or. On the Mac Terminal command lineyou can use love like this assuming it's installed to the Applications directory :.

However, the above method will not output printed text to the terminal window. To do that, you will need to execute the love binary inside the application bundle directly:. Views Page Discussion View source History. Personal tools Log in. Navigation Home Forums Issue tracker.Unfortunately, there are very few online tutorials covering this language. I learned how it works mainly by reading the source, and studying the programs included with the distribution. Hopefully, this page will make learning Lua a little easier for those following in my footsteps.

This tutorial now covers version 5. There are some pretty major differences in each version of Lua. The code shown below will not work in older versions of Lua. If you are still using an older version and don't want to upgrade, I have provided downloads for version 4. With that in mind, let's get started.

Legend of Zelda Coding Tutorial - CS50's Intro to Game Development

First, you need to download Lua. You can get the source from the Lua download page. If you prefer precompiled binaries, you can check out LuaBinaries or go to the end of this tutorial for the Windows version. Now we need to install Lua. On Linux you should be able to just extract the files then type "make linux" and "make linux install" as root. This program is short and straight forward, but I'll run through what's happening just in case it's not clear.

Save this file as luatest. Before we can run the program, you'll need to put the "lua5. If your program compiled without errors, you can now press F5 to execute the program. For in depth coverage of the Lua programming language, see Programming In Lua by the creator of the language.

Game Development With Lua was written by professional programmers using Lua in a game. If you're interested in using other scripting languages in your game, or even creating your own language, check out Game Scripting Mastery. If you've gotten this far then you are well on your way to using Lua in your own projects.

Expand "Projects and Solutions". Your first program with Lua This program is short and straight forward, but I'll run through what's happening just in case it's not clear. This provides simple functions like print. This reads the file and runs the script.

lua game tutorial

Save this as test. Add the "luatest. On the menu click Project, luatest Properties. Resources For in depth coverage of the Lua programming language, see Programming In Lua by the creator of the language. Older Versions Here are the files for Lua 5. Here are the files for Lua 4.I've gotten a fair amount of traffic on my first Love2d post comparing it with Unity3d.

I've decided to go ahead and write a series of tutorials on Love2d development. This is the first entry in that series. I've been working in Love2d for awhile now, but I still don't have much to show for it. Game development can be time consuming and technically challenging. This weekend I was thinking about the problem and realized that if I dropped all the planning ahead it might be possible to hammer out a game quickly. So I tried it. This time I set out to create the simplest possible game in the shortest amount of code.

The result is on GitHub here.

lua game tutorial

I'm assuming no knowledge of programming or Love. If you're familiar with either or have spent some time in other tutorials feel free to skip to section 2 or even 3. Love2d is a great, completely free, simple 2D game engine. I cannot recommend it enough for beginners.

Getting Started With Lua

The community is great and no one is trying to sell you anything compare that to GameMaker or Unity! Go ahead and download the proper version of Love for your system. I'll be covering usage in Windows here and I'll link some Mac setup tips.

If you're using Linux or if you need more help you can check out the Love wiki page on getting started.

lua game tutorial

For windows just unzip the Love archive into whichever directory you'd like. If you prefer to have your Love executable in a different directory you can create a new shortcut in the folder above ScrollingShooter. When we want to launch the game all we do is drag the ScrollingShooter folder onto the Love executable or shortcut.

Inside ScrollingShooter I'm going to create 3 files and 2 folders. The folders are assets where we will be storing our graphics and bin for our. Go ahead and create these folders. For text editing I'm using Atom with language-lua installed. You can use any code editor you'd like. Some of these options cost but Atom is completely free. I'm going to open the ScrollingShooter directory in Atom then create two new files. The first file is conf.

This is a special file.

Getting Started

Unlike other source files, the contents of conf. This means we can set things like the window size and other variables that may be locked once the game has started.

We're going to keep it simple.

It takes a single argument usually called t. This argument will store the game configuration. We're just going to set the title of our window -- t. Then we'll set the window width and height. Finally, we set t. You'll want to change this to false before releasing your game.I'm always trying to document the things that I learn.

Not only does this provide valuable information to others, it also clarifies my understanding of complex subjects. Back when I was still playing guitar a lot and giving lessons, I found that whenever I explained something to a student, I learned just as much as the student did. As with everything on the Internet, these are works in progress. So if you spot any errors, please let me know.

The included sample implements three different game states and simplifies the task of switching between them and adding new states. A simple "Hello, World! Another simple example is provided for Windows and Linux. There is also a brief discussion of error handling.

lua game tutorial

The sample program demonstrates taking a variable number of arguments and returning more than one value. This tutorial describes the process of loading a bitmap file and displaying it on the screen. A basic understanding of SDL will be needed for my more advanced graphics tutorials. This tutorial shows how to get the current state of the keyboard and react to keypresses to move a sprite around the screen.

This tutorial shows how to switch between multiple frames of animation in response to SDL keyboard events.Playing 30 FavoritesVisits 1. OK Starting Roblox Connecting to Players Check Remember my choice and click in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future! Get more with Builders Club! Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. Sign Up Log In. Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. Lua Learning By boatbomber. About Store Servers Description.

Updates come out fairly often, so stay tuned! Always wanted to learn to code on Roblox? Maybe you find the wiki a bit hard to comprehend? Lua Learning is a place to interactively learn how to create and unlock your imagination!

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